Thursday, January 3, 2008

From the MOM on "technology"...

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Here's what technology means to me... all of us looking at screens since dinner. What? No one did the dinner dishes? Dang. Guess I will.
What have I been doing? Cleaning out my in-box from 300 plus messages... having to answer many, foldering some for later... deleting most. It's a new year! (What? "Foldering" isn't a word?)
What's Ken doing? "Working." A documentary on Google in on PBS right now (making us mulit-screeners) so it's information everywhere-- coming in, going out... I should say something poetic here like "...making my eyes bleed."
My hip hurts. My laptop and it's handy-dandy lap desk gets a good seat on the couch and I lug myself out of the chair (I know I look like my mother right now) and check on the boys... Logan says dad wants him to write a blog. "Yeah, me too."
What? Luke's not on his computer? Oh, on his cell talking to the girlfriend. He'll be off at 9:30.
Good. We're all going to bed. I fold some laundry.
I'm such a liar. I didn't go to bed. I'm writing this-- will this do, honey?
I love you. Look into my screen!

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