Wednesday, January 2, 2008

How the laptop has changed our life...

Photo Source:bobdegraaf

This last year, both my wife and I received laptops from our employers. I have a MacBook and my wife has a Dell Inspiron 6400. We can be found most evenings sitting in our living room with our laptops, the t.v. on low in the background while we catch up on our email, finish up writing assignments and generally extend our day jobs into our home life. I am right now typing this on my MacBook with a hulu window open streaming an episode of The Bionic Woman, another window updating me on those I follow on twitter, and bouncing between google talk with my son downstairs and my updated RSS feeds on google reader.

This kind of digital multi-tasking is new to me and my wife. In some ways it seems empowering and productive to be able to interact with all this internet content. It certainly is more comfortable to do it on the couch with a laptop vs. a desktop.

Is this a good thing? Has it made our lives easier? More thoughts about this from my family in future posts...

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